Drive By – 1966 Plymouth Barracuda

November 1, 2012

Average Guy's Car Restoration, Mods and Racing

The Drive By is new way to spotlight cars.  As the name states these are cars that I see where ever I’m traveling.

The 1966 Barracuda wasn’t much when compared to the 1970’s younger brothers.


Often referred to as the Formula S – 2 door coupe fastback with the V8.  I don’t know if this one was the V8, I would have had to see the if it was badged properly to determine. (Small medallion placed below the ‘Barracuda’ script.  The V8 would have been the Commando 273 CID with a two barrel carb – about 235 hp and a 10.5:1 compression when topped with a 4bbl Carter AFB..  The 6 cylinder was the Valaint Signet slant 225 CID with about 145 hp with a single barrel carb.  They came in convertible as well – only 2570 of those were produced.


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